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Lockdown has given the Trinity team time to reflect on the things we often take for granted: Our health, quality time with our loved ones... and even basic necessities, like water. Drinking water is a simple but fundamental aspect of living. It is also a basic human right which we so often take for granted. A recent statistic shows that 2 in 5 children in South Africa do not have access to drinking water. So in 2018 we decided to take action.

We met up with the Life Matters Foundation who works with the children of Westlake Primary School and provide literacy and numeracy guidance to children in need.After reviewing the school’s circumstances, we concluded there was one major factor missing in these children's lives; clean drinking water. Given the importance of water on a daily basis, it was clear that our solution could not be a once-off program, but one that needed to be sustainable and worthwhile. For that reason we committed to provide this basic need to the Life Matters children. We provided water coolers for the classrooms and are donating four tanks of clean water every month which is enough to provide the children with fresh water every day.


I can really say that the water that Trinity has provided to Westlake Primary School has benefited, not only the children but the staff as well. Many children don't have water bottles, so they have nothing to drink for the day. [...] We are very thankful to Trinity.


Sandra Van Wyk (Life Matters School Facilitator at Westlake Primary School)

Overall, we have donated a total of 96 water tanks which is equivalent to over 1814 litres of clean drinking water. Access to this fresh drinking water has had a positive chain effect in these children's lives. It not only reduces the chances of them contracting detrimental water-related diseases, but also improves their overall immune systems. We believe it is providing them with a chance, however big or small, to better their futures and guaranteeing they can focus on what really matters during their school day: getting an education. For us at Trinity, our mission is doing what we can to improve the futures and lives of our future generation and it is one we intend to see through. 


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