Realtime Management of Digital Signage

Barrows is a global design and manufacturing business specializing in retail. Headquartered in New York, with South African offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban Barrows’ designed in-store systems are used by all of the major retailers in the country.

We provide retailers with a broad range of in-store displays and systems. Retail is moving rapidly towards more technology enabled and driven environments. As a global business Barrows is committed to always being at the forefront, and it is for this reason that we look to work with a select number of providers and partners who are able to support our vision.

Jonathan Kellerman, Product Owner, Barrows


Barrows’ IoT journey began when their information business required volumes of SIMs with connectivity, to manage mobile data across their networked offerings to retailers. As the business moved into digital signage and screens Barrows realised that they needed a fully managed solution, but didn’t necessarily want to deal directly with multiple mobile network operators. Trinity’s platform met the full set of Barrows’ requirements; a single solution to manage devices across a number of mobile networks, and the provision of visibility into the data usage and status of each networked device. (Trinity provide network redundant connectivity to Barrows’ currently has 2,500 Trinity (SIMS) which power a network of 1,500 devices within various retail environments.

What really sets Trinity head and shoulders above other IoT providers we have worked with in the past is the level of personal service, and their deep understanding of the space. I can call Trinity up and know that I will speak to the same person, and that I’ll get a hold of them immediately. This is rare in the technology sector.

Jonathan Kellerman, Product Owner, Barrows


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