Keeping Entertainment Alive with Real-time Data

Head-quartered in Midrand, V-Slots provides slot machines to entertainment venues all over South Africa. V-Slots’ business is built around providing & managing a large number of geographically distributed assets (their slot machines), to a large number of customers.

Having each site live streaming to our central control has lead to significantly reduced downtime, which is great news for our customers, and it has reduced our cost to run and maintain our sites, which is great news for our business.

Danie Roux, Regional Technical Manager, V-Slots

V-Slots wanted to put high quality customer service at the heart of their business.To do this they needed to have a solution which could give them real time data feeds from each of their 1,200 customer sites. 

The solution - Trinity provides V-Slots with an industrial grade (Teltonika) dual SIM router for each of their sites, delivering redundant mobile NETWORK access. The Trintel platform provides V-Slots with a live view of what is happening in the field, across both MTN and Vodacom connected locations. 

All information around the status of the router, sim and connectivity is instantly available. The router and connectivity is managed in real time by the Trintel platform, giving V-Slots a single view of their entire estate at any instance. All business critical ‘in field’ information is managed remotely via alerts and notifications generated from thresholds set through the Trintel platform. The requirement to have the live data/real-time information is supplied by the Trinity’s turnkey offering: a 4G mobile network redundant managed secure IOT solution.

We used to use dial up technology, which meant we didn’t have a truly live picture of our business….we were not aware of what was going on at a particular site until we checked it. Now we have a live stream of information from each machine on each of the 500 sites which are enabled by Trinity’s technology.’

Danie Roux, Regional Technical Manager, V-Slots



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