This innovative App keeps families safe in South Africa

Home security is a burning issue in South Africa, and other developing countries, where the Internet of Things (IOT) is growing as fast as the threat of criminal activity. An increasing number of homeowners are identifying the need to remotely control their home and security options, and forward thinking security companies are looking to provide ready made solutions to them.

Inhep Digital Security (IDS), which was acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2017, designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic security products with a focus on intruder detection, alarm panels and keypads, infrared detectors, remote receivers and transmitters, as well as telephone base stations, radio communications and GPRS equipment. With South Africa facing the highest rate of domestic robberies per capita on the planet, IDS found itself continuously under pressure to meet its clients’ demands. IDS realised that there was a real, pressing need for a remote monitoring and access solution. IDS had the option to ‘build’ or ‘buy’ the underpinning IoT enablement layer. Having explored both, and reviewed Trinity’s platform, IDS decided to ‘buy’, and was able to rapidly, and smoothly roll out their solution to clients across the country.

Trinity’s platform provided both the service and connection layer and the application enablement layer we required to roll out. They were able to give us access to an entire back-end system which enabled us to roll out a very effective service, in a short time, without having to start from scratch.

Bryan Watson, Managing Director, IDS

Using an Android Smartphone or Tablet, the HYYP Home App allows owners to access their IDS alarm panel. The features include zone and partition naming, as well as the ability to set, edit, suspend, or delete user access rights.

In the near future, most home electronic appliances will be networked. This will ensure that computers, phones, home entertainment centres, kitchen appliances and, most importantly, alarm systems will be in sync with the homeowner.

IDS aims to become the leading supplier of electronic security to the rapidly growing middle class in emerging markets and, by replacing its back-end system, it is in the driving seat.



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