Controlling Data Costs for Global Fuel Management Business

With approximately 5,500 staff globally, Gilbarco AFS operates in the fuel management and transportation technology sectors. Gilbarco AFS has a number of offerings, each built around supplying electronic devices and attached services to their clients to gather operational and event based information. In the fuel sector these electronic devices are generally static, and collect information. In transportation solutions the devices are mobile.

We have been using the Trinity platform for less than 12 months, but we’ve already realised huge benefits; the administration of this area of our business has been hugely simplified, and we’re able to effectively manage SIMs from multiple network operators via a single platform.

Sean McQuade, Marketing Director, MEA

Gilbarco AFS had experienced a number of issues running their networked device offerings across multiple mobile network operators. With multiple thousands of devices, some with dual SIMs administration, management, monitoring and effective control proved difficult, and data costs spiralled.

Trinity’s solution / platform has enabled Gilbarco AFS to dramatically simplify their administration processes, and provides real-time visibility into how devices are performing, highlighting anomalies and allowing rapid action to be taken when required. Billing accuracy has also improved. Gilbarco AFS is now able to lockdown SIMs to the data traffic levels specified when tendering for contracts.

With the introduction of Gilbarco’s AFS’ vehicle telemetry offering, currently provided to The City of Cape Town’s 10,000 vehicle fleet, real time visibility at the device and device cluster level is essential.



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